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Medication administration principles (half day)

This session is aimed at staff who support or administer medication and covers good practice in relation to the administration of medication but is not an assessment of an individuals’ competency to administer medication which would normally be undertaken in the workplace by a competent supervisor. Information in this session relates to Care Certificate Standard 12; Health and safety (medication)

Learners will gain awareness of;

  • Legislation and regulations (inc in house policy procedure as applies)
  • Core values relating to medicines and responsibilities of care workers
  • Reasons for medicines; eg anti-inflammatory , antibiotic
  • Side effects and contra-indications
  • Types of administration – topically, orally, instilling, rectal. injection
  • Prescriptions and labels – reading and understanding – include over counter, POM
  • Collection, storage, disposal
  • Drug errors; mistakes, changes
  • Medication records, paperwork
  • Refusals; omissions; capacity; consent; covert reporting and recording
  • Controlled drugs
  • Administration- 5 rs process, good/bad practices/ recording