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Epilepsy Awareness Training

Our specialist nurse trainer can offer a half-day epilepsy awareness training course designed to enable learners to have an awareness of the causes and types of  Epilepsy and how to support someone who has Epilepsy. It covers the following:

  • What is Epilepsy?
  • What are its causes and how is it diagnosed?
  • How to recognise seizures and their causes and triggers
  • Types of Seizures.
  • Symptoms, Do’s and Don’ts
  • How to support someone experiencing a seizure
  • Management of epilepsy
  • Good practice in the support of someone with epilepsy.
  • The importance of accurate recording

Our trainer can also offer a whole-day training course which includes Epilepsy Awareness training but also includes training and practical assessment on the use of one or both of the following in supporting people who are experiencing Status Epilepticus

  • Rectal Diazepam
  • Buccal Midazolam